Many exhibitions are held in major cities and therefore not accessible to many professionals as not everyone can be off site at the same time. So the result is that many who should be afforded the opportunity to attend lose out.

With this in mind we decided to take manufacturers to your region. By doing this the opportunity is there for all, and by being on your doorstep the time off site is kept to minium.

This allows your 'hands on' people to meet the manufacturer's of the products you have installed or maintain. The person on the ground does not always know the reason or the full capabilities of the product they using.

We try to get as close to your location as possible. All we need is your support, a venue and accommodation.

The benefits to you are:-

  • Meeting manufacturers
  • Stay abreast of new technology
  • How that products technology has improved
  • Check out new tool designs
  • Arrange on site training
  • Meet product specialists
  • Identify new products
  • Arrange site visits
  • Product demostrations
  • Who are the local suppliers
  • New solutions for old applications

Whilst you are with us enjoy cool drinks & snacks.

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